Vacuum System Maintenance in the Greater Albuquerque, New Mexico Area

If your scientific research and/or product development depends on the optimal performance of a vacuum system, it is imperative that you properly maintain all parts of the system—the vacuum pump, chamber and everything that seals and connects them. Scientific Vacuum Sales & Support, Inc. offers on-site and in-shop maintenance service to protect one of your laboratory’s most valuable assets.

Why Get Professional Vacuum System Maintenance

There are a number of benefits to getting professional vacuum system maintenance, including:


Professional vacuum maintenance frees up the time and resources you would otherwise have to delegate to system upkeep. Plus, we can create a regular maintenance plan to fit the needs of your laboratory, so you never have to think about when it’s time to maintain your system again.

Quality Assurance

We are vacuum experts with more than 20 years of experience. We know what cleaning agents and materials can and should be used on various metals and system components. You never have to worry that a potentially corrosive or cross-contaminating cleaning product was used in or on your system.


Scientific Vacuum Sales & Support, Inc. backs our maintenance services with a 90-day warranty.

We offer free estimates for all vacuum maintenance service, and we can perform service on-site (if/when facility access is granted) or in our Albuquerque, NM shop. We offer pick-up service to get your vacuum system to our facility or accept scheduled drop-offs.

What Vacuum System Maintenance Entails

Our vacuum system maintenance service includes:

  • Cleaning—vacuum chamber and external components
  • Fluid change
  • Filter and/or trap cleaning or change
  • Replacing pump components as needed (based on wear)

We may also do other services as indicated in the vacuum system manufacturer’s guide (if available).

Types of Vacuum Systems We Maintain

Vacuum maintenance service is available for all scientific vacuum systems, including UHV.If you have questions about maintenance service or suggested service intervals, please contact us.

Call Scientific Vacuum Sales & Support, Inc. at (505) 345-9680 for one-time or routine vacuum system maintenance.

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