Vacuum System Selection Guide

The experienced technicians at Scientific Vacuum Sales & Support, Inc. can help researchers design the vacuum system that meets the needs and demands of their project.

Considerations for Vacuum System Design

At Scientific Vacuum Sales & Support, Inc., we offer free consultations to help our clients find the right vacuum system components—pumps, flanges, etc.—to create the system that will perform as needed. Some of the criteria we will need to know includes:

  • What pressure do you need the system to achieve?
  • Will the vacuum system application involve chemicals?
    • If so, are any hazardous, flammable or toxic?
  • Does the vacuum system need to provide any type of thermal capability?
    • If so, what temperatures need to be reached or will be expected to be reached?
  • Will there be any outgassing in the chamber?

These basic questions will help us understand your needs and match you with the right vacuum products and services.

Considerations for Vacuum System Implementation

A lot of work is required to move a vacuum system from design to operation. Scientific Vacuum Sales & Support, Inc. provides the services you need to go from drawing to experiment:

  • Vacuum system product supply—many products can be ordered online, but many we prefer that you contact us so that we can ensure you get the right components and all the necessary hardware to prevent delays and item returns.
  • Vacuum system assembly—we can pre-assemble your vacuum system and transport it to your site for easier installation.

Once your vacuum system is operational, we continue to provide support with:

We offer on-site service and pick-up/drop-off coordination for service at our Albuquerque, NM facility. We back all maintenance and repair work with a 90-day warranty.

Let Scientific Vacuum Sales & Support, Inc. guide you through the vacuum system design-build process. Contact us today.

Call Scientific Vacuum Sales & Support, Inc. at (505) 345-9680 for expert consultation on vacuum system design.

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