Vacuum Chamber Repair in Albuquerque, New Mexico

The integrity of the vacuum chamber is essential to a vacuum system’s performance, unadulterated research results and uncompromised product quality. Scientific Vacuum Sales & Support, Inc. provides vacuum chamber repair service to ensure optimal performance and results.

Repairs for Standard and Custom Vacuum Chambers

Scientific Vacuum Sales & Support, Inc. offers vacuum chamber repairs for standard chambers by all major manufacturers—stainless steel and aluminum. We also perform repairs on custom-built vacuum chambers.

Vacuum Chamber Repairs Made Simple

Restoring the integrity of your vacuum chamber is easy when you work with Scientific Vacuum Sales & Support, Inc.. Simply contact us. We do the rest, including:

  1. Coordinating transport of your vacuum chamber to our Albuquerque, NM facility
  2. Calculating a free estimate for all repair services and materials
  3. Contacting you to provide an estimated repair timeline once we’ve inspected your vacuum chamber

All vacuum chamber repairs are covered under our 90-day warranty on materials and labor.

If Vacuum Chamber Repair Is Not Possible

Vacuum chambers that have not been properly maintained and/or subjected to conditions beyond the metal’s tolerance may not be repairable. In the event that the condition of your vacuum chamber cannot be restored, we offer a number of options:

  1. Replace the vacuum chamber with a new standard chamber
  2. Have us custom-build a new vacuum chamber to your specifications

We provide free estimates for all new vacuum chamber models or custom-builds, and if needed, we can rush fabrication to fit your timeline.

Preventing Vacuum Chamber Repairs

Scientific Vacuum Sales & Support, Inc. can help you avoid delays and expenses associated with vacuum chamber repairs with routine vacuum chamber maintenance service. Contact us to get a free estimate for maintenance service or to schedule on-site or in-shop maintenance.

Call Scientific Vacuum Sales & Support, Inc. at (505) 345-9680 for expert vacuum chamber repair in Albuquerque, NM.

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