Scientific Vacuum Maintenance Professionals in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Running a laboratory entails a lot of work that you do not have the time or interest in doing. For jobs like scientific vacuum system maintenance, you can trust the task to experienced professionals at Scientific Vacuum Sales & Support, Inc..

Why Outsource Scientific Vacuum Maintenance?

Contracting scientific vacuum system maintenance has two distinct benefits:


    When compared on an hourly rate basis, our technicians can complete scientific vacuum maintenance service for significantly less than your team. Cost savings on vacuum system maintenance can help you stay within your project budget.

Comprehensive Maintenance

    Working environment and safety regulations in our Albuquerque, NM facility are very different from those observed at national laboratories. As a result, we may be able to perform maintenance tasks in our shop that are not possible on-site.

Maintenance service from Scientific Vacuum Sales & Support, Inc. comes with the added benefit of our 90-day warranty.

Our Vacuum Maintenance Expertise

The technicians at Scientific Vacuum Sales & Support, Inc. each have more than ten years of experience in the field. We have worked on every type of vacuum pump, system configuration and scope of project. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work because we know how vacuum system performance impacts your research results and product development.

Get Customized Vacuum System Maintenance

cost efficiency by customizing a system maintenance plan that meets your needs. To get started, contact us. Based on the specifications of your system, we can develop a free estimate and recommended service interval.

Call Scientific Vacuum Sales & Support, Inc. at (505) 345-9680 for cost-effective scientific vacuum system maintenance.

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