Pressure Measurement Gauges Shipped from Albuquerque, New Mexico

Scientific Vacuum Sales & Support, Inc. in Albuquerque, NM carries everything laboratories need to build, maintain and repair vacuum systems.

Research results and product integrity depend on the performance of your vacuum system. With so much at stake, you cannot simply turn on your system and assume that it will work as intended. To ensure that the proper pressure is reached, you need accurate measurement instruments that can withstand the conditions created in and by your vacuum system.

Pressure Measurement Products in Stock

Scientific Vacuum Sales & Support, Inc. has a number of pressure measurement gauges on our shelves and ready to ship at a moment’s notice. Most of our in-stock inventory are convection ion gauges that measure pressure in the rough vacuum range.

Pressure measurement gauges designed for high to ultra-high vacuum ranges and/or designed to withstand corrosion, magnetism, radiation, high temperatures, etc. can be ordered. Orders typically take one to two weeks to arrive, and you may choose your shipping carrier and speed from our Albuquerque, NM facility.

Finding the Right Pressure Measurement Tools

All pressure measurement products from Scientific Vacuum Sales & Support, Inc. come with the standard manufacturer’s warranty and 30-day return window. Products may only be returned if unopened. To avoid getting the wrong pressure measurement gage and the hassle of returns, please contact us before you order. We can help you find the right gauge for your vacuum system and application.

Call Scientific Vacuum Sales & Support, Inc. at (505) 345-9680 to find the right pressure measurement gauges for your vacuum system.

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